Curriculum Vitae

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 Hendra Eka was born in Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia. After studying Industrial Engineering, Hendra began his news photography career in 2008 in Surabaya for the Indonesian newspaper; Jawa Pos in youth section DetEksi (Studio/Lighting Photography). Hendra particularly enjoys challenging people’s perceptions with fresh ideas. He has always tried to push himself out of his comfort zone by seeking new challenges and experiences in Photography and Journalism. Photographing all kinds of news, features, and know the issues about everything. Faced with tight deadlines every day and should always be alert of the event somewhere. Sometimes also write an article/story about feature, daily life, sports, or release. During his career, Hendra has covered various news and sports stories in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and United States. Now he based in Jakarta and placed in the national and politic news section.


Jawa Pos: (450.000 copies daily)