Alter Ego 10             

Anastasia Wella is an Indonesian girl who has 10 personalities. The disease is called Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) or mostly known as multiple personality disorder, a world’s rare mental disorder. Wella is the host (main alter) of her soul, and there are 9 other ‘people’ inside her: Ayu, a lesbian writer; Naura, a temperamental girl; Atin, an 8 year old little girl; Saraswati, a Balinese dancer; Bilqis, a Moslem girl (Wella herself is a Catholic); Paula, an accounting girl; Ravelline, a shopaholic girl; Siana, a middle-aged Dutch woman; and Andreas, the only male alter on her soul.

Until now, there is no definite study on how many people suffered, and survived, from DID. It is one in a million, and even if a person has this mental disability, he/she might not aware. Wella herself is still undergoing treatment by taking the therapy suggested by her personal doctor.