Asexual Lesbian

Anita and Liana are a asexual lesbian couple. Citing the site, asexuality means a person has no sexual attraction, aka no lust or sex drive. For 13 years, they both claimed never had sex.

“My sexual orientation is lesbian, but my sexual behaviour is asexual,” said Anita. This veiled woman added that so far, she admits that public perception is indeed negative about lesbians. But he felt that the view was only limited to his sexual orientation or problems in bed.

“Many people say that lesbianism is a sin, you know what did Liana and I do? We’re not doing anything wrong. Where is the sin?” said Anita excitedly.

Anita thinks that the lesbian couple’s household is no different from other couples. Likewise, Liana, this skinny woman admitted that she used to be frigid aka experienced a very significant decrease in libido or passion.

“I once asked Anita, you don’t have lust, do you? Don’t you have a little bit?” said Liana curiously. “But how else can our people have sex,” added Liana while frowning.

Anita admits that she feels nauseous when she hears erotic and lewd-smelling words, while Liana does put sex first and prioritizes love. “I don’t know, I’ve been nauseous since I was little when I hear the word “cipokan” (kiss) or something else, it just makes me sick,” said Anita, who is good at cooking.

Because of this similarity, Anita and Liana vowed to live and die.