Living in The Red Zone

The Covid-19 pandemic has really troubled everyone. For more than a year, we all live in the red zone, a zone that is very uncomfortable for us to do activities.

However, not everyone is aware of how dangerous it is to live in the red zone. In the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta, there are still many residents who do not wear masks or other personal protective equipment. This is a form of public unconsciousness and ignorance of the importance of protecting themselves from the Corona virus.

Indonesia itself already has more than 1.5 million positive patients with Covid-19. The first country in Southeast Asia with the highest number of positive cases. The Indonesian government has done a lot of ways to make people aware of the dangers of the corona virus, but there are still many who do not follow, or even don’t believe this virus exists.

In this photography project, I took pictures in several areas in Indonesia; Jakarta, Bogor, Bali and Depok. I put a red filter on the 35mm lens, and I shot all of these projects using that lens and filter.